Cindy Kwong

Cindy Kwong Social Worker

As Cindy reflects on her short 2 (and a bit) years as a professionally labelled social worker, this quote, resonates deeply with her:
“Social work means getting to fully experience the vast richness and the strange, exquisite beauty found in the rawest parts of our human condition.” Natalie Tuffield, 2016.

Though Cindy recognizes that she has no capacity to resolve all social issues (nor does she feel called to do so), though she is confronted daily with her privilege and unmerited benefits that have led her to this post called ‘social work’, though this post urges her to face the suffering of our world, time and time again… her heart is full by this work because it allows her to walk alongside real living people, opens her eyes to appreciate shared humanity, and see Light – Jesus Christ, still actively present among intense darkness. Cindy is immensely thankful to the Father for this gift and thankful to those gracious and courageous enough to let a stranger like her into their lives.