What is FaithTech?
FaithTech exists to bridge the gap between faith and technology. We are pioneering a new way to share the good news about Jesus in a new era driven by technology. We want to help people live their life with significance. We accomplish this in three ways: Help launch companies that make a difference (LABS), host innovative events and empower leaders to serve our city.

FaithTech LABS
– With LABS, we discover, research, prototype, validate, launch and help grow new technologies and tools that help those Jesus helped. With a growing network of passionate volunteer developers (web, app, systems), tech leaders, creative thinkers, startup founders, ministry leaders, and pastors, we are seeing tangible results by facilitating like-minded collaboration.
– We help develop for-profits, Kingdom Businesses (ethical for-profits owned solely by not-for-profits) and traditional not-for-profits.

Innovative Events
– FaithTech Conversation Nights – the tech community, pastors, and ministry leaders engage in conversation about faith and technology. Guest speakers are brought in time-to-time.
– FaithTech Innovation Talks (FIT) – one night a year we host all pastors, ministry leaders and tech community to be inspired by a night of short presentations (think TED talks) on the future of Christianity relating to innovation and technology.
– #Hackathons – FaithTech will host weekend-long hackathons once or twice a year. Developers will work collaboratively to build new tools/platforms and technologies, culminating in a presentation to judges and continued support for top innovations.

Empowering Leaders
– Train and develop Christians leaders that desire to be a catalyst in their city, their workplace, church and home by living the way Jesus lived. We provide regular one-on-one training, materials and coaching.

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